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Monday, September 13, 2010

Katha World Library

Fledolin Upside Down
Antje Damm
All bats hang with their heads down but Fledolin — he stands firmly on the ground!
Read this upside down book and find out how its great fun to be topsy-turvy just like Fledolin!
Pub: 2009 | pp. 32 | 11"X8.5"
ISBN 978-81-89934-38-5 | Rs 150
World Rights: KATHA

A Lion in Paris
Beatrice Alemagna
One day, a big lion comes to Paris...
Pub: 2009 | pp. 32 | 11"X8.5"
ISBN 978-81-89934-27-9 | Rs 150
World Rights: KATHA


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