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Monday, October 02, 2006


Merle Kröger
Translated by Rubaica Jaliwala

When the last reel winds down in the projection room of the old cinema house, Madita Junghans, the German with Indian genes, teams up with her boyfriend Nikolaus as detective couple, Nick and Mattie, to set off on a search for Madita's biological father. Their only clue is that he is an Indian. Mattie's mother lives in a psychotic dream world. Her foster father Hinnarck is anything but talkative. Mattie and Nick soon get sucked into a deadly adventure, centred around a dark chapter of Indo-Germanic history.

A scintillating fusion of whodunit, postcolonial fable and historical romance, Cut! is a film in novel form. In her refreshingly subjective style, Merle Kröger portrays the tenous connections between reel and real life, the past and the present, and with chilling perception, depicts the clash of stark Hamburg reality with the Bollywood dream factory.

Category: Adult/Fiction


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