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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For the love of a cat

For the love of a cat

Rosalind Wilson | Art by Wen Hsu

2010, pp. 32,

8.5"X11", ISBN 978-81-89934-51-4 [eng] HB | Rs 350

ISBN 978-81-89934-50-7 [eng] PB,

ISBN 978-81-89934-52-1 [hindi] HB,

Rs 250 | World Rights: KATHA

A painter loves his cat as much as he loves painting. But when the starving

artist is commissioned to paint a picture of the Buddha, he must choose

between his art and the love for his pet…

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Moon, Ramu and I

Moon, Ramu and I

Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Harshvardhan Kadam

2010, pp. 32

11"X8.5", ISBN 978-81-89934-59-0 [eng] HB

ISBN 978-81-89934-61-3 [hindi] HB

Rs 250 | World Rights: KATHA

Your attention please!

You are about to blast off to Moon.

The spaceship that will take you to moon is already on the launch pad of your


You have 10 seconds to slip into your invisible space suits.

Don’t forget to load your pockets with chocolates because moon will have none.

When you’re ready and have loaded enough, you can start reading.

Get set…5…4…3…2…1…0

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Laptime Books for Children, 0-5 years

Enrique Lara Robayo and Luis Fernando Garcia Guayara “From the window of my room I see amazing things ...” A book to be enjoyed by everyone, young and old!
Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8”X5”
ISBN: 81-87649-88-7 [hb] | Rs 100
ISBN 81-89020-07-2 [pb] | Rs 70

The Story of Shangmiyang
Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya
Art by Suddhasattwa Basu
A little book about the gentle, BIG giant who sneezed up a storm. A visual delight, superbly illustrated by Suddhasattwa Basu. This story is excerpted and retold from a novel by Asomiya writer Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya, winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Jnanpith
Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8.25"X6"
ISBN 81-89020-37-8 | Rs 80
World Rights: KATHA

Mo...aning Morris
Franz Hubner
Art by Mario Kessler
A delightful little book that helps us realize that adapting to other people is much easier
than we think. And great fun too!
Pub: 2004 | pp. 32 | 8”X5”
ISBN: 81-87649-93-3 | Rs 65

One Lonely Unicorn
Meenakshi Bharadwaj
Art by Sonali Biswas
A splendidly illustrated book that celebrates the joy of a story and helps children learn to
count. Enjoy the tale of the unicorn and her many animal friends!
Pub: 2004 | pp. 32 | 10”X8”
ISBN 81-87649-96-8 [hb] | Rs 120
ISBN 81-89020-05-6 [pb] | Rs 95
World Rights: KATHA

Daddoo’s Day Out
Prabhjot Kaur
Daddoo, the little frog, decides to do something different on her day out ... A lively book that celebrates friendship and introduces children to the world of animals, colours and sizes.
Pub: 2004 | pp. 24 | 10” x 8”
ISBN 978-81-87649-94-6 | Rs 95
World Rights: KATHA

The Runaway Puppy
Sarang Dev Murthy
Art by Bindia Thapar
Little Puppy loved to play and lick, lick, lick everything he could find! One day he peeped out through the open garden gate…And guess what happens next? A happy book by 8-year-old Sarang about the joys and responsibilites of keeping a pet.
Pub: 2004 | pp 24 | 10” x 8”
ISBN 81-87649-61-5 | Rs 75
World Rights: KATHA

The Magic Raindrop
Geeta Dharmarajan
Art by Bindia Thapar
Wouldn’t you love about something which is bigger than the Big, Bigger, Biggest thing you have ever known? Come join us... step into a wonderland of magical raindrops and unbelievable kites.
Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 11”X8.5”
ISBN 81-89020-28-5 [hb] | Rs 150
ISBN 81-89020-27-7 [pb] | Rs 100

Katha World Library

Fledolin Upside Down
Antje Damm
All bats hang with their heads down but Fledolin — he stands firmly on the ground!
Read this upside down book and find out how its great fun to be topsy-turvy just like Fledolin!
Pub: 2009 | pp. 32 | 11"X8.5"
ISBN 978-81-89934-38-5 | Rs 150
World Rights: KATHA

A Lion in Paris
Beatrice Alemagna
One day, a big lion comes to Paris...
Pub: 2009 | pp. 32 | 11"X8.5"
ISBN 978-81-89934-27-9 | Rs 150
World Rights: KATHA

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Famous Smile
Geeta Dharmarajan
Art by Rashin Kheiriyeh
Agar Magar has something special that he badly wants to share. But no one seems to
care... until one fine day! Come, walk with Agar Magar as he goes places, flaunting his
sparkling, shiny teeth and his famous smile.
Pub: 2007 | pp. 32 | 10"X8"
ISBN 978-81-89020-67-5 | Rs 150
World Rights: KATHA

On The Tip of a Pin was…
Geeta Dharmarajan
Art by Ludmilla Chakrabarty
On the tip of a tiny pin was a town where lived the Lion, Pig,
Cow, Goat, and Worm. Uncover the mystery of the Amazing
Worm, and her incredible wormholes! Go zooming with the
fastest underground dancer in the world. Hop into this sci-fi tale
for a journey you won't forget.
Pub: 2009 | pp. 36 | 10"X8"
ISBN 978-81-89934-26-2 | Rs 175
World Rights: KATHA

Free Mountain
Kaveri Chatterji
Art by Shweta Mohapatra
Long long ago, all mountains could fly.
They swam through clouds and skies so
And then came a day when…
Find out what happens next in this story that
comes alive with brilliant art. Wonderfully
imaginative, ringing with music and rhythm,
this book is sure to inspire every girl who
dreams of flying!
Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 9"X7"
ISBN 978-81-89934-49-9 | Rs 120
World Rights: KATHA

Guess Who?
Geeta Dharmarajan
Art by the children of Katha Lab
This is a song that most of us have sung as
Katha brings this old favourite back to life,
with words that resonate in english.
Pub: 2010 | pp. 20 | 9"X7"
ISBN 978-81-89934-45-3 | Rs 120
World Rights: KATHA