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Friday, June 15, 2007

"Sketches from Memory"

Laxmibai Tilak

Translated from the Marathi by Louis Menezes

A writer par excellence. A woman who had the courage to go against the grain. Who thought nothing of flinging societal restrictions to the wind and plunging into selfless service. Who could take that magical and most difficult step that separated truth from hypocrisy.

Sketches from Memory is the autobiography of Laxmibai Tilak, who singularly championed the cause of girls’ education in Maharashtra in the early twentieth century. Adeptly translated by Louis Menezes, it traces her relationship with her scholar husband Narayan Wamanrao Tilak through his conversion to Christianity and her self-education.

Katha presents the story of Laxmibai Tilak's zest for life, love and god.

Read a review of this book in Time Out, Mumbai, here!

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"These are my Children"
Translated from the Konkani by Xavier Cota

Poignant, bittersweet, earthy. Nine heartwarming slices of life from Goa about empty nests, affections betrayed, relations made and unmade. The entanglements and entailments of human feeling echo through this engaging gallimaufry of stories from the pen of one of Goa's finest writers.

In this deeply sensitive translation from the Konkani, These are My Children mirrors a Goa that may have changed with time, yet holds on steadfastly to a character and energy that is all its own.

Read a review in The Statesman of this book here!

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